Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

We value your help!

We value your help as we work to provide a great middle school experience for each of our students

As students grow older, volunteering in schools changes.  Middle school kids may not be quite as excited to see their parent volunteering in the classroom,  but most students still desire to have regular positive interactions with a variety of adults.

We strongly believe that our students will enjoy more success when they have positive interaction with adults and, as a result, we will seek to connect our students with our adult volunteers whenever possible.  For example, this means that if you volunteer to  create a bulletin board we will likely have a few kids work with you so that you can interact with them.

Please talk with Mr. Wicker, our school principal, if you are looking for ways to volunteer at Aurora.  

Current Opportunities:

  • Organize and run a noon hour club
  • Volunteer in the Library
  • Be on School Council
  • Volunteer to work a  Bingo for our AMS Parent Fundraising Society
  • Help with our after school sports teams
  • Fund raising for field trips
  • Create, maintain and update bulletin boards
  • Help with picture day