At Aurora, we have a 6 day cycle with 2 different time schedules to accommodate a variety of grade levels.  The Curriculum Handbook for parents is available through administration at the school or by accessing Alberta Learning Website:


A student's eligibility for placement in the next grade level shall be the responsibility of the teachers in consultation with the principal, other involved professionals, and parents.

Where a student's achievement is such that normal promotion is in doubt, parents shall be advised of this as early in the school year as possible, but not later than the end of Term 2

In cases where special placement appears to be in the best interests of the student, the principal and/or Student Support Team Coordinator shall consult with all teachers concerned and the parents or legal guardians before a final decision is made.


Aside from core subject programming, all students will have the opportunity during their time at AMS to engage in fine arts, music, home economics, CTF classes that explore other facets of learning.  We encourage our students to try as many things as possible to find out more about themselves and where their learning passions lay.