Scenario 1: In-school classes

All students, staff and visitors are required to complete the COVID-19 Alberta Health Daily Checklist before coming to school each day and follow the direction provided in the document if they answer "Yes" to any of the questions.

School Supply Lists - Grade 5

Grade 5 School Supply List for the 2020/2021 school year

o   Crayola Pencil Crayons 24 count

o   Crayola Washable Markers

o   48 HB pencils (Recommended Staedtler, Triconderoga, or Papermate)

o   2 Highlighters

o   4 multi colored white board markers (dry erase)

o   1 package of dividers

o   20 Duotangs multicolored

o   6 Erasers

o   Loose Leaf Ruled Paper (100 sheets)

o   2 Paint brushes (1 fine and 1 wide)

o   2 Coil Scribblers 250 pages

o   8 Exercise Book (Redi-Tabs)

o   Scissors

o   6 Large glue sticks

o   Metric Ruler 30 cm

o   2 Pencil Cases (No Boxes)

o   1- One inch binder

o   1 package of Clear Page Protectors

o   Non-scuff running shoes for gym use only

o   Water Bottle- (one that won’t break easily)

o   3 boxes of Kleenex

o   2 black sharpies

o   1 box Ziploc medium bags

o   Headphones for computer use- students find the larger headsets are

more comfortable rather than the ear buds