The Goal of our school is to do all we can
to ensure that each student has
 a great middle school experience!

We are a grade 4-8 school located in Lac La Biche, Alberta, Canada.  Aurora Middle school has approximately 350 students enrolled this year, with four classes of grade 4,  and three classes for grades 5 through 8.


The middle school philosophy is based on research from educators and psychologists in the area of child development.  The middle years are a time of great change for children, not only physical, but social and emotional as well.  The middle school program is designed to provide students with opportunities to find out who they are and where they fit in an often confusing world.  While endeavouring to help the “whole” child develop, there is still a strong emphasis on academic growth and achievement.


As we navigate an unprecedented school year in the face of COVID-19 precautions, I would like to thank the staff, parents, and students who have made our transition back to school a great success.  For our new students and parents, know that we are all here to support a smooth transition to Aurora where your child can grow and learn.  Each new school year is an opportunity for renewal and marks another chapter in your child’s educational journey. On a daily basis, Aurora staff and students engage in continual learning where we celebrate our differences and strengths in ways that support positive growth and preparedness for your child's future.  Here at Aurora, we embrace our mistakes as wonderful opportunities to learn and better ourselves each day.  Don't forget to check the website for weekly updates to the school newsletter -- The Thunderbird News!

Stay safe and healthy!  We hope you have a terrific year!

Conal Donovan (principal) and Rachelle Best (assistant principal)

Box 780
9108 - 103rd Street
Lac La Biche, Alberta T0A 2C0

Phone: 780-623-4129
Fax: 780-623-2101