Counselling Services

Counselling Services


All teachers and administrators at Aurora Middle school are available to discuss issues and concerns with students and parents. There are times when students and families may require further assistance and support in dealing with difficult personal issues. Aurora Middle school provides the following counselling services.

Personal and group counselling

  • referrals, advocacy, support
  • new student orientation
  • parent/teacher liaisons
  • mental health supports
  • peer mediation
  • grief and loss supports

Student Advocacy Counsellor (SAC)

The student advocacy counsellor focuses on individual counselling to provide intervention services. The student advocacy counsellor is capable of providing assistance when students have personal, social, or educational problems that require specific strategies for solutions and has provided individual and group programs, advocacy, and peer mediation.

Wellness Coach - Successful Families Successful Kids

The wellness coach provides support through universal and prevention programs. The wellness coach provides referrals, advocacy, information and education, group counselling,  and parent supports. The wellness coach offers supports to students and families to promote achievement with personal and academic success through holistic prevention tools to enhance family and individual mental and emotional well-being.

RCSD Therapist

Available through referrals from the student support team at the school.

For more information about our counselling services, please contact:

  • Alecia Cox (SAC) and/or
  • Madeline Belanger (Wellness Coach)

@ 780-623-4129