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Going Viral at Aurora

We post Facebook messages about once a day here at Aurora.  We view it as a good way to share the interesting things that are taking place at Aurora with our parents and community.  Its not hard to find things to post as we have a very busy school with a lot of very neat opportunities for students to participate in.  In late October we shared some pictures of some of our students butchering a deer in our Outdoor Education class; something that we have done a number of times.  For some reason the post generated a lot of interest this year and, as the saying goes, went viral with over 270,000 "likes" and a reach of 6 million people.  Now, if we can just convince all of those people to give the school a dollar each...  

I encourage all of you to follow us on Facebook.  Not all of our posts generate that much interest, but it is a great way to stay up to date with what is taking place at, what at least one person out there in the Facebook world thinks, "is the most awesome middle school on the planet"!

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