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Looking for info?

We want to provide you with the information you are seeking and we have a number of digital tools that will help. 

If you are looking for pictures about the interesting things that students enjoy here at Aurora, please follow us on Facebook

If you are looking to find out what is taking place at the school please check the school calendar on our website or on our Facebook page. 

If you are looking for specific information about what is taking place in your child's class, please sign up for School Messenger to receive that information by text or email. 

If you are looking for an easy way to pay for field trips or other school expenses please sign up for SchoolCashOnline

If you are looking for busing information please sign up for our Bus Status App, and if you are looking for information about your child's marks and assignments or want to fill out forms online, please sign up for the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

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